Terms and conditions of our agreement:


1. You have been informed that a variation of colour and form can be expected.


2. We cannot assume liability for any damages to your flowers prior to their delivery to us.


3. Unless otherwise requested, some damaged flowers may be replaced. Added cost of replacement flowers may be charged to you at our discretion. We will advise you before replacing flowers at your cost.


4. You agree to allow our designers to create your keepsake using their best judgment and discretion, based on your selections of frame size, mat board colour, etc. The design will vary with the uniqueness of each bouquet.


5. You understand that every component is hand-made and customized to your requirements. As a result, there can be minor imperfections. In the event we agree to minimise imperfections or undertake any repairs you are responsible for return and pickup of your item.


6. Once your keepsake has been completed, any changes or alterations you may desire will be charged to you, including the cost of materials, labour and shipping.


7. For KeepsTM or its agents will not be held responsible for any loss outside of its control including loss by fire, theft, flood, electrical failure or any like event. For KeepsTM will, at its cost, replace any damaged or lost flowers resulting other than such event and will pay for all reasonable costs associated with replacement of items provided by you.


8. For KeepsTM guarantees your keepsake for a period of 2 years against insect damage.


9. To minimise harm, your display must be kept out of direct light and away from extreme heat, cold and moisture.


10. There is a natural aging to all preserved flowers and over time they will become more subdued and antique-like in appearance.


11. In the event of a repair or warranty claim you are responsible for the return and pick up of the item.


12. You understand that your finished item contains fragile naturally formed material that occasionally may have small pieces dislodged.


13. All glassware contain imperfections and bubbles in the glass. Where possible, we will move these imperfections to the back of the display.


14. Where flowers and foliage are supplied to us, preserved or dried, we will do our best to ensure their durability. However, we do not know how these have been treated and, as a result, cannot guarantee their longevity.


15. For Keeps reserves the right to take and use photos of your completed item(s) to use for marketing and promotional purposes, including posting to social media.




16. Accessories and/ or photographs to be included in the keepsake must be received within 4 weeks of choosing your display. If these items are not supplied within 4 weeks of choosing your display work on your item will cease and storage fees will commence.


17. Engraving/plaque inscription and fonts must be finalised at the time of choosing your display.




18. All deposits and progress payments are non-refundable. Your payment schedule will be as follows:


a)Prior to the delivery of your flowers a deposit of $330 per bouquet / arrangement or $110 for the first flower then $33 per flower thereafter for loose flowers is required.


b)8 weeks after the receipt of your flowers a progress payment is due for the same value as the deposit.


c)14 weeks after the receipt of your flowers a further progress payment is due of 50% of your balance.


d)On your completion date, final payment is due.


19. If a payment is not made by the due date, work on your item will cease and storage fees will commence.


20. You agree to pay all legal costs associated with the recovery of any and all unpaid amounts.




21. When you have chosen your final design a completion date will be provided, by which time your final payment will be due and your display will be ready to be picked up or delivered.


22. All completed items must be collected within 30 days of notification. After the 30 days’ notice has expired, our standard storage fees will apply. If uncollected within 90 days, they may be disposed of under the Uncollected Goods Act 1995.




23. If at any point we need to store your goods, they will be subject to a storage fee of $11.00 per display per week.



Cancellation and Late Fee Policy


Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you may be charged a cancellation fee of $66.


Furthermore, if you are more than 10 minutes late, we may need to reschedule your appointment and a rescheduling fee of $44 will apply.


You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by emailing us at team@forkeeps.com.au or calling our office on 02 9835 0055.