A Moment With 'For Keeps'

Posted by ABIA meets Jessica Chalk, owner of this Sydney-based wedding flower preservation service.


Once, blooms like roses, orchids and sunflowers could provide only fleeting happiness and beauty, but thanks to advanced preservation techniques and 30 years’ experience, Jessica Chalk, and her team at For Keeps, can preserve flowers, and other treasured memorabilia, indefinitely.

“We understand the sentimental attachment and memories held by flowers, especially wedding bouquets and arrangements,” Jessica says. “And carefully preserve the memories and emotions associated with them.”

And while the technical aspects of the flower preservation process are overseen by a highly-skilled line-up of engineers and plant physiologists, personalised service and customisation remain key to the For Keeps’ offering.

ABIA caught up with Jessica during a pause in the multi-step process, to talk petal preservation, customisable displays and the joy of flowers that last a lifetime.


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