Wedding in the Rain

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You’ve planned out your entire outdoor dream wedding, but – oh no! – it’s raining the morning of. What are you meant to do? Thankfully, For Keeps Wedding Tips are coming to the rescue.

Before the Day
- Make sure you have a rainy day pack, including but not limited to:

- Umbrellas for you two, which are either matching in colour or are clear. You could match them to your bridesmaid’s dresses, or even your flowers. Make sure you check the underneath of the umbrellas you choose – that’s what you’ll see on the day!
- Umbrellas for guests, or, if you don’t want the expense, ensure everyone knows that it’s an outdoor wedding, so they can bring umbrellas if need be.
- A spare pair of shoes, and socks for the groom (if you have a groom). You don’t want to get your shoes muddy and then trudge that through your reception venue!
- Towels/ blankets for your guests. You want those guys to be comfy and dry.
- Extra makeup and hair products – even better, if your hair is prone to frizz, try to choose as frizz free an option as possible.

- Check with your venue that there is a rainy day backup. If not, rent a tent! You’d definitely rather get married in a tent or marquee than trying to force the bridal party to juggle the microphone, the first kiss, your flowers and your umbrella!
- Make sure your wedding planner, Mum, Auntie or bestie knows the rainy day plan. Ask her to know where the rainy day pack will be kept, so you and your partner can have a stress free day.
- Ask your photographer for rainy day photo ideas. They’ve been to a lot of weddings, and are sure to have some sweet ideas for your rainy day wedding photos.

On the Day
- Don’t panic. Rain isn’t the end of the world! You’re marrying the love of your life, and a little rain isn’t going to defeat that love.
- Take a cute photo through your clear umbrella of you two. The water flowing off the umbrella makes a gorgeous memory.
- Dance in the rain – literally! Have some fun, dance with your partner, and get some awesome candid shots.
- Beg Mother Nature to give you a rainbow, because who doesn’t love rainbows?

In some cultures, rain on a wedding day is a GOOD thing. It symbolizes fertility and cleansing. So if you’re looking to have a little family, you might want to wish for some rain. And even if you don’t want children, how amazing are the memories going to be? Everyone will remember your wedding as the cool rainy one, where everyone danced with their shoes off in the mud. So take these tips, use them, dance in the rain, and have an amazing day!

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