A Moment With 'For Keeps'

Posted by ABIA meets Jessica Chalk, owner of this Sydney-based wedding flower preservation service. Once, blooms like roses, orchids and sunflowers could provide only fleeting happiness and beauty, but thanks toadvanced preservation techniquesand 30 years’ experience,Jessica Chalk, and her team atFor Keeps, canpreserve flowers, and other treasuredmemorabilia, indefinitely. “We understa Read more...


Your Dress

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You’re standing in the dress shop, but you have absolutely no idea which dress to buy. They’re all so pretty, and you could imagine yourself getting married in each and every one. So how do you choose? And how do you make sure it is right on your day? Make a plan BEFORE you go to the dress shop! Have an idea of the kind of dress you want. Do you like lace? Do you want a splash of colour? Do you like a particular designer? These Read more...


Wedding Photographers

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The photos of your special day are very important. They are the memories you will show friends, family, and maybe your future children and grandchildren. So hiring a fantastic photographer is imperative. Before you book a photographer, make sure you meet with as many as you can. Have a look at their photos closely. Do they do the style of photos you want? Are they all similar? Can they do different kinds of photos? Are they within your budg Read more...


Wedding in the Rain

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You’ve planned out your entire outdoor dream wedding, but – oh no! – it’s raining the morning of. What are you meant to do? Thankfully, For Keeps Wedding Tips are coming to the rescue. Before the Day - Make sure you have a rainy day pack, including but not limited to: - Umbrellas for you two, which are either matching in colour or are clear. You could match them to your bridesmaid’s dresses, or even your flo Read more...


Winter Flowers

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Winter is a wonderful time of year, in which many brides choose to marry. Brides generally choose their favourite flower, but if they’re not in season, those flowers you love so much get expensive very quickly, and don’t last as long because they’re not fresh or do not acclimatize well in cooler months. So what flowers are in season in the winter months? Apple Blossom’s come in white and pink, and are a lovely littl Read more...


Circus Quirkus

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At For Keeps, we are all about our community. We regularly donate and sponsor community projects and groups. One such event is the Circus Quirkus, run through The Rotary Club of Ryde. Circus Quirkus is a program, where children who may not have the same opportunities as others get to go to a circus, which is paid for by donors and sponsors. This is also a Rotary fundraiser, with some of the proceeds going to other Rotary projects. Unfortuna Read more...


Destination Weddings

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Getting married overseas is never a problem, most flowers that are commonly used in wedding bouquets are allowed through Australian customs & quarantine. You can check if your particular flowers meet the requirements at these websites below. http Read more...


Gwen & Fae – A Design Force not to be Reckoned With

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Gwen and Fae have been actively in the floristry industry collectively for more than 85 years and for fear of being fired for revealing their ages…we will leave it at that. At the beginning of 2014 Fae and Gwen decided to partially retire and have fun. So what do two strong-willed hard working women in their “later years” do for fun? Well basically the same thing they did in their 20’s – enter floral design comp Read more...


Winners of the Floral Design

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Today I had the pleasure to congratulate and present the winners of the Floral Design candidate for students in their first year and students in their second year of floristry training. Let me just say IMPRESSIVE! This old florist has been in the industry for 40 plus years and was very pleased on the quality of the designs. The winner Ms Maggie Lee had been training for only a few months and her designs reflected much more extensive training Read more...


Do you Guarantee or Not Guarantee that is the question?

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We are often asked do we guarantee our flowers, frames and displays. The answer is absolutely! We believe it is not only essential but a responsibility we have as a quality company. The flowers & memorabilia we have the privilege to preserve are symbols of your memories of very important time in your life. As a result, we use only the best quality materials that are acid-free and UV resistant. All our frames come stand Read more...


More Than Just Flowers

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Unfortunately, life seems to happen so quickly that we often don’t have time to open our boxes of memories and walk down memory lane. That is why I am glad that our job here at For Keeps is turning memories into art! Too often, I see these design shows & magazines, like The Block, Belle Magazines, & House Rules, beautifully designed rooms without souls. Although I appreciate that the purpose is to sell the homes Read more...


Attention All Brides!

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Whether you have just got engaged or are almost ready to say “I DO” we recommend attending a bridal expo for inspiration or for some last minute forgotten items. The largest expo of the year will be held in Melbourne on the 10th & 11th January at the Royal Exhibition Centre, and in Sydney on the 31st January and 1st February at QANTAS Credit Union Arena Darling Harbour. There are exclusive offers and prize Read more...