Frequently Asked Questions

Can you preserve all flowers?

You can choose any flower you want, even include fruits or chillies if you wish. The For Keeps SystemTM is the most advanced flower preservation system in Australia. Our system preserves your flowers and does not just dry flowers. Your flowers will not shrink, shrivel or change colour like dried flowers. However, because the moisture content is removed from the cell structure the colour pigment is no longer diluted and as a result, the flowers may look darker in colour and a variation in form can be expected.

How long will my preserved flowers last?

Unlike dried flowers your preserved flowers by For KeepsTM are designed to last. All of the displays in our showroom (but one) are over five years old, most are over ten years old; few are over 20, and one is over 60years old. We use only the best quality materials that are acid-free and UV resistant. All our frames come standard with 99% UV protection to protect your precious items from fading and discoloration. We also have a range of Museum quality products to ensure your special memento last as long as the memories and longer still.

Can I include other things with my flowers?

Absolutely! You can put in anything that is important to you in your display with the flowers or in a separate display; the choice is up to you. In the past our client have included:
• Photos
• Certificate
• Invite
• Tiara / Hairpiece
• Stefana (Greek crowns)
• Cake tops / Icing flowers
• Bombonniere /wedding favours
• Bodice & Shoes
• Cufflinks, earrings & other jewellery.
• Orders of service
• War medals
• Pipes / cigars
• Crosses
• Rosary beads
• Plaques
• Charms and trinkets
and more!