Winter Flowers

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Winter is a wonderful time of year, in which many brides choose to marry. Brides generally choose their favourite flower, but if they’re not in season, those flowers you love so much get expensive very quickly, and don’t last as long because they’re not fresh or do not acclimatize well in cooler months. So what flowers are in season in the winter months?

Apple Blossom’s come in white and pink, and are a lovely little addition to a wedding bouquet. Available in May to September in Australia, they are a perfect flower to have in your winter wedding!

Blushing Brides are a unique little flower that would definitely work if you want a little pop of another country in your wedding, because these beauties are a native of South Africa! They are white and pink flowers and are a great conversation starter.  

The gorgeous flowers Forget-Me-Nots are a fantastic shade of blue, and are available in Australia in January, then from July to September. They would make a winter bouquet just that little more charming!

Hyacinths come in a range of colours including white, hot pink, and lilac and are beautifully fragrant. They can be used as a cute addition to your bouquet, or as part of a buttonhole.

Sweet Peas are a soft addition to any wedding bouquet, and can be used as a small posy just on its own. They come in pinks and purples and have a beautiful name to go with your beautiful day.

Birds of Paradise are a vibrant addition to any wedding. Although not a common choice, they would definitely add a burst of colour if you needed it. They are an orange and purple flower and look fascinating in a bouquet.

There are many more flowers that are readily available in the winter months. However, if you are unsure talk to your florist about what is in season in the colours you like and allow your florist to be creative. 

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