Gwen & Fae – A Design Force not to be Reckoned With

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Gwen and Fae have been actively in the floristry industry collectively for more than 85 years and for fear of being fired for revealing their ages…we will leave it at that. At the beginning of 2014 Fae and Gwen decided to partially retire and have fun. So what do two strong-willed hard working women in their “later years” do for fun? Well basically the same thing they did in their 20’s – enter floral design competitions.

Boy oh boy aren’t we glad they did! This design duo has done spectacularly in the last 12 months. Just this month Fae and Gwen both competed in NSWFAA 35th Anniversary Floral Fair at Parkes. They won first prizes in 4 out of the 5 advanced categories. Gwen was also crowned Queen of Parkes for the weekend. We are so proud of our floral designers. They did such an amazing job with their designs.

“New Direction
- Foliage Only”
- Fae Gill
First place

“Black and One
Colour (Contemporary)”
- Gwen Hartley
First Place AND
Best in Show at Parkes
35th Anniversary
Floral Fair

“Gems of Autumn
- Miniture (7.5cm x
7.5cm x10cm)”
- Gwen Hartley
First Place

"Autumn Twists"
- Gwen Hartley
First Place

So where are they going to go from here? Gwen and Fae are preparing to continue on with their success in 2015. Gwen and Fae plan to enter in more floral competitions nationally and internationally.

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