Winners of the Floral Design

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Today I had the pleasure to congratulate and present the winners of the Floral Design candidate for students in their first year and students in their second year of floristry training. Let me just say IMPRESSIVE! This old florist has been in the industry for 40 plus years and was very pleased on the quality of the designs. The winner Ms Maggie Lee had been training for only a few months and her designs reflected much more extensive training skills. Ms Mandy Banks winner of Cert III floristry created a very mature interpretation using our Australian natures and other exotic flowers. Unfortunately a 2 dimensional photo doesn’t show the full expression in the designers creation. I look forward to seeing the winners and the runners up in future industries competition and demonstrations.

Cert II or Cert III Stage 1

First - Miss Maggie Lee
Second - Ms Xi Luo

Cert III Stage 2

First - Ms Mandy Banks
Sceond - Michela Kotevski
Third – Natasha Phun


Diana Tong
Kasen Inostroza

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