Do you Guarantee or Not Guarantee that is the question?

Posted by For Keeps

We are often asked do we guarantee our flowers, frames and displays. The answer is absolutely! We believe it is not only essential but a responsibility we have as a quality company. 
The flowers & memorabilia we have the privilege to preserve are symbols of your memories of very important time in your life. As a result, we use only the best quality materials that are acid-free and UV resistant.

All our frames come standard with 99% UV protection to protect your precious items from fading and discoloration.
In addition, we also provide you instructions on how to care for your display once you take it home. Our instructions include, where & how to hang, mount or display your item and how to clean your display in order to ensure the longevity of your momento.
Like all things of value, and let’s be honest they are one off pieces of art, a certain amount of care and servicing is required.
When you collect your display we have guaranteed your flowers for 2 years against insect infestation. We recommend you continue to protect your display against a small aggressive beetle (commonly called a museum beetle because it infests museums and eats their displays) by.
Check your display for any signs of beetle infestation. Bring your display back for re-fumigation on a regular basis , even if you used a Drying company we can fumigate you flowers to protect them. 
Yes these practises are more time consuming are marginally more costly but, if it guaranteed to last isn’t that worth the peace of mind? 
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