Our preserved flowers

Our research team spent many hundreds of hours looking at different techniques around the world that are used in preserving flowers. Each of these techniques has their advantages and disadvantages. However with the help of chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers and our in house plant physiologist we set about building the For Keeps System™ Using amazing chemistry, wonderful physics and hundreds of kilograms of metal pumps, coolers and gadgets the For Keeps System™ was born.
Unlike most companies that only use one method of flower preservation, which looks great on a few flowers and ghastly on others. The For Keeps System™ uses unique flower preservation technique/s based on a scientific analysis of each individual flower’s cell structure.
This means every flower that arrives at For Keeps™ is preserved differently. To do this each individual flower is catalogued, photographed, analysed then gently dismantled from the bouquet or arrangement. Before beginning its own personalised 48-56 stepped preservation process.

Our preserved flower displays

At For Keeps ™ we understands you may not want your preserved flowers in a frame, so you have unique picture pods, candle holders, domes, clear display boxes, keepsake boxes to pieces of furniture for you to choose from.
In addition, every display we have is customisable to ensure that your display is a complete reflection of you, your personal taste and home décor. You choose the colours, size and quality of materials we use to create your custom display.